Packaged bank accounts, sometimes referred to as “paid-for” accounts usually charge a consumer a monthly or annual fee of between £5 and £25 each month.

If any of the criteria listed below apply to you, do get in touch with us as you may be due a refund:-

  • your Packaged Bank Account was opened or upgraded before 2013.
  • you were not advised that you were entitled to take out a free account.
  • you tried to claim the benefits of the account, but were told that you couldn’t.
  • you don’t or didn’t need the account benefits and/or were already covered.

What are Packaged Bank Accounts?

These accounts can be called a lot of different names – Gold, Premium, Upgraded, Reward, or similar – but the thing they have in common is that they usually include a range of insurance and non-insurance benefits.

An estimated one in five adults has a packaged account but a report by the financial regulator estimated a third of these account holders fail to use the benefits for which they are paying up to £300 a year for. It also found many were unable to claim when they needed to.

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Banks that provide Packaged Bank Accounts

A wide variety of banks and building societies have sold these accounts but here’s just a few examples…

  • Lloyds TSB
  • NatWest
  • Halifax
  • RBS
  • HSBC
  • Santander