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High Demand Recruitment
exactly what is it?

If you thought recruitment was easy, think again. In certain sectors, a shortage of specialist skills means candidates can pick and choose – and making sure they choose your role means changing the way you approach hiring.

Welcome to the world of High Demand Recruitment.

Too many jobs and too few candidates.

It’s a simple way of looking at it. But if you’ve a specific role to fill it means you need to stand out and make it as attractive as possible to those candidates with the right skills and experience. And we can show you how.

High Demand roles usually need filling quickly, too.

That’s why it’s best to work with clients in the longer-term, so we can help anticipate their resourcing needs and minimise the shortfall. Not only that, we’ll advise you on how to prevent other staff being headhunted too.

How will High Demand recruitment affect you?

You’ll see few CVs, and even fewer that are ‘right’

You’ll take a long time to hire the person you’re looking for

You’ll find many interviews are cancelled

You’ll face difficult negotiations

You’ll have to combat counter offers

You’ll need to meet increased salary expectations

You’ll be under pressure to compromise

You’ll have to ‘sell’ your role and make it as attractive as possible

So what can you do

Successfully filling a High Demand role means making an all-out effort to attract the right candidates. And that means having the right specialist skills and technical knowledge at your disposal. We call it ‘the science of recruitment’.