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Even if the Commercial DD work has identified that the target market is sufficient to satisfy the growth plan you are buying into, how do you know that the sales operation has the capacity to work through enough of the available opportunities to deliver it? Are their processes robust enough to withstand the pressure of being scaled in the ways proposed and are they underpinned by the solid foundations that tell you they can continue to win business at today’s rate, let alone an accelerated one? Can the target sales operation recruit and onboard enough of the right quality sales resource to deliver the increased sales activity required by the plan?

These are amongst the many questions we can offer a sales practitioner’s perspective on during our pre-deal assessment, together with identifying opportunities for improvement post investment that are rarely priced into the deal.


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We all know that the business plan used as the basis of any investment has to be able to flex according to (often difficult to predict) market changes. Sometimes these can mean that an entirely new approach is required, at others there may be a need to reinvigorate the sales line as revenues have plateaued ‘offplan’ and the way forward is no longer as clear as it was.

Under these circumstances, we can provide an expert diagnosis of the sales and marketing changes required to return the business to growth. We often work closely with management to help implement these changes, making sure they ‘stick’ and building the foundations for continued future success. On average, this type of input returns an increased top line of over 25% within 18 months.

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Our input pre-deal is less about due diligence and more around establishing the key sales and marketing steps that should be in the 100-day plan to get things off on the right foot.

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