Business Partnership

Uscita has been part of The Business Partnership broker network since 2005.

In that time the main lesson is clear - buyers are pretty consistent. They want to know about your future profits and the risks to those profits.

As our client, you will start by understanding the key opportunities and risks associated with your business using The Sellability Score.

Why? The Sellability Score is one of the largest surveys of the business sale market place in the world, and will allow you to understand:

  • How valuable your business is
  • How to improve that value
  • How valuable your business is

We will also take the time to understand what makes a successful sale from your perspective.

s a result of our valuation process you will understand all your options. Understanding is the key to a successful sale.

You will also benefit from our unique guarantee providing:

  • Honest and realistic advice. Our profit depends on your sale, so our goals are aligned with yours
  • Fair contracts with no cancellation fees on expiry
  • Open communication. Our online portal and direct access to the Regional Partner responsible for your sale
  • High success rate. When a deal is agreed, over 84% will complete