As a business owner you put your heart and soul into your business. Nobody cares about your business quite like you!

The question is, do you work for your business or does your business work for you? You offer your business great experience and guidance, but often you can also hold it back if you are the hub around which your business wheel revolves.

Being the hub can mean:

  • Growth is harder: you keep on hitting your head on the glass ceiling
  • Holidays are difficult: a backlog of work and problems when you return
  • A worthless business on sale: you wish to exit, but a buyer needs you to stay

We have met many owners stuck in this “Owners’ Trap”. A business that was started to deliver freedom now becomes somewhere that is hard to leave, even for just a holiday.

Uscita can help you solve this problem by building a valuable business. A valuable business is one that grows, employees run and is desired by buyers.

How much more valuable? Our research shows that a prepared business is worth, on average, 71% more

As we guarantee that you will leave the business at some point, this matters to you.

Building a valuable business puts you in control of your exit and makes it more enjoyable to run while you get there